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is it Christmas already? @jumblerg

dm3 2018-08-27T19:37:20.000100Z



@dm3: heh. not quite so intentionally: i actually happened to be working on an old laptop at home this am, and realized just after i pushed that my upstream remote was still set to the hoplon org on that machine. but yeah, i'll be rolling a bunch of the stuff i've done over the past year into the ui repo.


i'm working on a project for work with a few other collaborators and decided to put some of the interface work out there where everyone can use it more easily. first step is to bring the ui api in line with some of my private ui repos, then i'll start retrofitting it with different implementations. i think i've figured out how to do this stuff right - or a lot better, anyway.


the most consequential change was lifting the scene graph out of the dom altogether to get rid of percentages. this let me replace them with functions containing a reference to the parent so you can do things like :eh #(/ (:bh %) 2), which means "set the horizontal extent to half of the parent's horizontal body".


this is much better than "50%", which you can't do math on, since it actually means 1. take half 2. of the parent 3. in the same dimension 4. when it becomes available.


this it turn makes it possible to do flexible layouts in custom components without lots of shenanigans.


very cool, looking forward to catching up with these changes


don't use any of the stuff i just pushed yet, otherwise i'm liable to break your shit on the next push. i'll endeavor to update the readme and put a jar out there in the next few weeks.


cool yeah won't have a chance for a bit anyway