The :hoplon: ClojureScript Web Framework - http://hoplon.io/
akond 2018-10-31T16:34:47.006200Z

no advice for me?

flyboarder 2018-10-31T17:02:12.006700Z

@akond you are missing the hoplon.jquery namespace

flyboarder 2018-10-31T17:02:39.007200Z

because you have no attribute provider the attributes are all static

akond 2018-10-31T17:04:45.007500Z

oh, that works. thank you.

flyboarder 2018-10-31T18:47:32.008Z

@akond make sure you read the wiki - it has lots of helpful information about Hoplon

flyboarder 2018-10-31T18:47:34.008200Z