The :hoplon: ClojureScript Web Framework - http://hoplon.io/

https://tailrecursion.com/~alan/micha_on_hoplon_vs_react/ is an old explanation of some of the differences that might be helpful

flyboarder 2018-12-21T19:09:50.002400Z

Yep you go it! No V-DOM and we do pay as you go templating so only the current screen elements are created, as you change screens templates are cached and created as you go

bobcalco 2018-12-21T19:29:34.003700Z

Is javelin usable in Clojure proper (not just ClojureScript)?

bocaj 2018-12-21T19:37:37.003800Z

No, I don't think so

bocaj 2018-12-21T19:39:09.004Z

This promises to be interesting https://github.com/kennytilton/its-alive

flyboarder 2018-12-21T21:24:11.005Z

FYI you can also use any backend - we use cljs on Node for ours