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@flyboarder I am running 7.3.1 and the new commits did something to make page-reloads add to dom, instead of replacing it. Similar to https://clojureverse.org/t/hoplon-boot-reload-appending-html-to-body/2290. I ran into this once before, when trying to update to latest clojurescript, I think. I tried to roll back to 7.2, but reload remains broken.


I tried to implement the manual clearing and re-attaching of nodes, but couldnt figure that out. Is this just re-implementing boot-reload?


Do I need to switch to shadow-cljs? If so, should I use the boot-shadow task?


Any examples? Thanks

flyboarder 2019-04-30T02:54:05.010800Z

@chromalchemy the current version should be removing child nodes, i’ll poke this for a bit