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flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:00:00.021700Z

I guess it was chrome, safari and opera - so slight correction

micha 2019-05-18T00:00:31.022Z

huh, i've never heard of that, or seen it in the wild

micha 2019-05-18T00:00:57.022400Z

interesting that i haven't seen it in random customer setups at adzerk

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:01:34.023100Z

I would have thought you guys would be all over that ๐Ÿ˜‰

micha 2019-05-18T00:01:44.023400Z

yeah i may be bad at my job

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:01:56.023700Z


micha 2019-05-18T00:02:53.024Z

i guess nobody uses it because it's easier to just use javascript

micha 2019-05-18T00:03:12.024400Z

and they don't want to market to the people who go as far as to disable javascript

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:03:38.024900Z

yeah i bet those with javascript disabled are few, but itโ€™s recommended for TOR related browsing

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:03:55.025300Z

so I imagine this is to better track users attempting to hide themselves

micha 2019-05-18T00:04:11.025400Z

micha 2019-05-18T00:04:42.026200Z

i think it's there to allow the advertiser to inform the user about the ping

micha 2019-05-18T00:04:59.026700Z

vs javascript where it does it silently in the background

micha 2019-05-18T00:05:29.027200Z

so to be a nice guy advertiser you'd use the ping attribute instead

micha 2019-05-18T00:06:54.027700Z

the part about the UA informing the user about out-of-band notifications is interesting

micha 2019-05-18T00:07:15.028200Z

i could imagine chrome making some kind of GDPR integration where it could ask for consent or something

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:07:45.028500Z

oh thats a really good idea

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:08:01.029Z

you could probably sell a service like that

micha 2019-05-18T00:08:16.029400Z

they'll only get publishers to switch to using the ping attribute if they give them something in return

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:08:16.029500Z

or use it for license acceptance

micha 2019-05-18T00:08:22.029800Z

like making it non-blockable

flyboarder 2019-05-18T00:08:56.030700Z

I could see that

micha 2019-05-18T00:09:15.031Z

yeah then they can do stuff on the user's behalf in chrome

micha 2019-05-18T00:09:25.031300Z

like let you block trackers or whatever

micha 2019-05-18T00:09:47.031600Z

like individually