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ro6 2019-06-23T23:35:17.065300Z

<div style="font-size: 20.3951px; width: 33px; border-width: 3px; height: 53.3951px;">5</div>
Is an example of the dom I'm getting back. Only a few of the :css props are getting applied. Am I misusing :css? I followed https://github.com/hoplon/hoplon/wiki/HTML-Attributes-and-JS-Events#user-content-the-do-multimethod

flyboarder 2019-06-23T23:36:29.065800Z

@robert.mather.rmm keywords are not valid css values

flyboarder 2019-06-23T23:36:53.066100Z

where numbers are valid values

flyboarder 2019-06-23T23:37:16.066600Z

I recommend strings, or a custom attribute that converts the values to js

flyboarder 2019-06-23T23:37:51.067300Z

converting clj->js values might be something we want to implement for default attributes??

flyboarder 2019-06-23T23:38:03.067600Z

feel free to open a github issue

ro6 2019-06-23T23:40:18.068700Z

@flyboarder Thanks, that fixed it. I ported from Fulcro where that was working. I think they call

(name :kw)
as things pass through.

ro6 2019-06-23T23:44:08.069100Z

Nevermind, it is (clj->js) that's doing it I think