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jamieorc 2020-03-15T19:55:48.237200Z

Looking for a current template or gist that will let me get going with current libs with Hoplon and Castra. I’ve got a sample I built in the Fall of 2016, but trying to get going with the old hoplon-castra boot template has lead to several hours of dead ends. It’s been a few years since I’ve done anything for real in CLJ/CLJS, and I pulled this stuff out last night and got excited to convert an old personal rails project over, but not finding success so far.

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:26:26.239200Z

Now I’m doubly confused. I killed my old app that was running and when I restarted it (`boot dev`), I got errors. I am sure I didn’t change anything in that project. clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter, compiling:(org/httpkit/server.clj:1:1) I did update boot (but not the version in boot.properties) this morning via brew. I’m at a loss. I’ll come back Monday and see if anyone is around.

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:35:12.239900Z

@jamieorc there was a bug with the brew script, I think someone has a PR open with a working fix at the homebrew project

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:35:36.240300Z

I would install using the install script

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:37:57.241Z

@flyboarder you mean for brew upgrade boot-clj?

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:38:13.241300Z


jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:38:47.242Z

oh man. I’m so at a loss. I was like, well I’ll go back and play with the 2016 project and then it won’t start

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:39:01.242200Z

I’ll try that

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:42:57.243Z

@flyboarder I used sudo bash -c “cd /usr/local/bin &amp;&amp; curl -fsSLo boot <https://github.com/boot-clj/boot-bin/releases/download/latest/boot.sh> &amp;&amp; chmod 755 boot” and it gave me 2.6.0

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:43:09.243200Z


jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:43:26.243700Z

should I use/not use 2.8.3?

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:43:30.243900Z

then it will update when your project is set to a higher version in boot properties

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:43:36.244200Z

ok, thanks

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:48:38.244800Z

@flyboarder Thanks. My old project is running again

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:48:45.245Z


jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:49:54.246Z

@flyboarder is there a template for the current release of hoplon (and castra)? I’ve been pretty stuck on that. Maybe the problem was the boot issue.

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:50:19.246400Z

probably not, castra hasnt been updated in a while, while it should be stable

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:50:27.246700Z

hoplon has had many internal improvements

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:52:24.247200Z

Recipe? Gist?

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:53:15.247600Z

I know one of my jr devs was working on updating the demos a while back

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:53:15.247800Z


flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:53:30.248200Z

maybe give that a try, if you have problems i’ll get him to fix the demo

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:54:33.248800Z

Thanks, I’ll have look

jamieorc 2020-03-15T20:56:14.249200Z

looks like a whole bunch of the examples got updated 6 months ago. That’s good.

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:56:33.249600Z

that might not mean that they run tho, just that dependencies were updated

flyboarder 2020-03-15T20:59:04.250Z

@nolanbjelley @jamieorc might need some help with the demos you updated

flyboarder 2020-03-15T21:00:31.250500Z

Can you follow up and make sure that demo is working

jamieorc 2020-03-15T21:07:23.250900Z

Sure. I’ll let you know. Dunno if it’ll be this evening or not

jamieorc 2020-03-15T21:07:56.251300Z

oh, you were probably writing to nsauce