The :hoplon: ClojureScript Web Framework - http://hoplon.io/
Graham Hopper 2020-05-15T20:02:37.189400Z

Having a problem starting a new hoplon project. Have installed Boot and followed the instructions to start a new project on the Get Started page. Running boot dev fails with ClassNotFoundException and clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo both in javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter file: "cljs/util.cljc" line: 1. Any ideas what might be wrong?


i saw this and then found https://github.com/hoplon/hoplon/issues/262, it looks like the template might (still) be out of date. in the generated project, you may consider updating the hoplon/hoplon dep to see if that fixes


otherwise @flyboarder might have additional insight

flyboarder 2020-05-19T17:47:01.191800Z

Yeah template probably needs to be updated to 7.2

Graham Hopper 2020-05-21T14:31:14.197800Z

Thanks. Now its working Hoplon 7.2 and Java 10. I ended up changing lots so not entirely sure what the exact problem was but seemed to be related to the version of Java.

flyboarder 2020-05-21T15:26:37.198Z

glad its working!