The :hoplon: ClojureScript Web Framework - http://hoplon.io/
fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T21:24:37.333900Z

What is the best way to start a new hoplon project now?

fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T21:24:44.334100Z

The instructions

boot -d boot/new new -t hoplon -n hoplon-starter-project

fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T21:24:56.334400Z

create a project with old dependencies, afaict

fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T21:25:08.334700Z

  :dependencies '[[adzerk/boot-cljs          "1.7.228-2"]
                  [adzerk/boot-reload        "0.4.13"]
                  [hoplon/hoplon             "6.0.0-alpha17"]
                  [org.clojure/clojure       "1.8.0"]
                  [org.clojure/clojurescript "1.9.293"]
                  [tailrecursion/boot-jetty  "0.1.3"]]
  :source-paths #{"src"}
  :asset-paths  #{"assets"})

fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T21:54:43.335Z

Also, the browser isn't reflecting changes to my cljs files

fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T21:56:03.335300Z

(here's the code I'm working from: https://github.com/fiddlerwoaroof/hoplon-template-project )


@fiddlerwoaroof the most recent OSS hoplon app i've seen is this one, could be a good starting point https://github.com/rlander/conduit


maybe somebody else has a boot-based project they can share, i haven't kept up with it myself

flyboarder 2020-07-23T18:33:00.337400Z

I would like to update the demo’s @nolanbjelley can spend some work hours on it if needed

fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T22:01:30.336600Z

Have you mostly been focusing on the Common Lisp subset thing recently?

fiddlerwoaroof 2020-07-22T22:06:38.336800Z

I really wish boot caught on more, it's my favorite clojure build tool because it's the closest I've found to the quicklisp experience


Yeah CL for hobby and Clojure and JS for work lately