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tianshu 2018-03-04T15:26:06.000059Z

Hi, can I use inf-clojure in a project with deps.edn?

tianshu 2018-03-04T15:26:44.000039Z

I saw this warning:

clojure: warning: Your terminal 'dumb' is not fully functional, expect some problems.

warnings can be silenced by the --no-warnings (-n) option

dpsutton 2018-03-04T16:51:01.000068Z

@doglooksgood did you start it with clojure? try it with clj One has rlwrap which emacs does not like and one does not

tianshu 2018-03-04T16:56:33.000059Z

it's likely it use clj in default, and it should use clojure. I saw a issue for this

richiardiandrea 2018-03-04T16:56:51.000047Z

Yep you can use clojure, I should change the default, PR is welcome

richiardiandrea 2018-03-04T16:58:13.000033Z

Will work on inf-clojure a bit today, want to get the completion mechanisms in

tianshu 2018-03-04T17:00:44.000131Z

I will create a PR for this

richiardiandrea 2018-03-04T17:01:17.000115Z

Thanks a lot 😄

tianshu 2018-03-04T17:07:51.000018Z

I just try to follow the guide of PR and seen the format in changelog, i'm curious how can I know my PR's url before I create the PR. 😱

tianshu 2018-03-04T17:09:19.000051Z

I should create the PR first, then update changelog and commit?

richiardiandrea 2018-03-04T17:36:02.000002Z

@doglooksgood that is what I am doing 😄 maybe @bozhidar can explain better 😉

richiardiandrea 2018-03-04T17:36:29.000010Z

Thanks for the PR!

bozhidar 2018-03-04T17:39:31.000120Z

@doglooksgood I put links in the changelog to the issues they fix, not to the PRs themselves.