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Hi all, just starting to mess with inf-clojure. The default inf-clojure-completion-form value is (complete.core/completions "%s") but this doesn't work for me until the library is require'ed. Is this expect? When I require it from the repl it works. What's the normal mechanism for requiring things like this? I'm attempting

(add-hook 'inf-clojure-mode-hook '(lambda ()
                                     "(require 'complete.core)")))
But this isn't working, I beleive because the inf-clojure-proc isn't ready yet


Or is this something my clojure repl process should be handling (ie by eval'ing the require inside the clj repl when it starts)


One more thing, for the inf-clojure-arglists-form, the default is

        (clojure.core/read-string \"%s\"))))
     (catch #?(:clj Throwable :cljr Exception) e nil))
But this doesn't work for me unless i remove the escapes on the quotes. Changing \"%s\" to "%s" fixes it for me. I'm in windows, which could be related. Is this worth opening an issue for?


I see the readme update above answers my first question 🙂