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gklijs 2019-05-03T06:52:15.017600Z

CircleCi is kind of the same, only 3 countries within Europe, witch seems even a bit more weird to me since there is free transport of people and products in the EU, but apparently not of labour.

gklijs 2019-05-03T06:56:06.020400Z

Just thinking of it, what if there was a company just focussing on letting people do open source where they want. So setting between the companies needing them and the people looking for work. Doing the administrative and legal stuff for a small fee. With 'companies' in almost all countries?

helios 2019-05-03T16:01:28.021500Z

Europe could/should armonize a lot over this. There's a lot of wasted opportunity not being able to employ throughout the contintent. Reading from the Hashicorp founder, I guess the states within the US should too...

seancorfield 2019-05-03T17:33:59.023Z

@helios You'd probably be shocked at just how different employment legislation is across the US states -- and "States' Rights" means that is "just fine". Folks don't take well to Federal-level legislation, a lot of time 😞

seancorfield 2019-05-03T17:35:46.024300Z

(I was a bit surprised that HashiCorp found it so difficult to hire across state lines tho' -- perhaps it's just their scale? We're distributed across four states I think, at this point, but we're tiny)

helios 2019-05-03T18:43:02.027200Z

@seancorfield yeah i don't doubt it. It not too different here in Europe, where we are close to be one country in a few senses (customs, freedom of movement, etc) but far from being one in others (taxation, with loopholes like the double dutch sandwitch). A fiscal union would be a great first step into making sure work is taxed similarly across countries, it would make remote work much easier...

gklijs 2019-05-04T07:55:15.030Z

Given the current sentiment in a lot of countries about the EU I think it's pretty hard to move to a fiscal union. Although I agree it would make a lot of things better.

the2bears 2019-05-03T19:10:16.027700Z

That was an eye-opening read, very interesting.