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emccue 2019-05-28T03:56:19.055600Z

@kwladyka What if, going off of @vemv’s suggestion, you "worked" for a US based company

emccue 2019-05-28T03:56:41.056100Z

and that company contracted you to contract remote

emccue 2019-05-28T04:00:20.056800Z

totally willing to set up any shells you want

emccue 2019-05-28T04:00:40.057300Z

i have a whole list of professional sounding names for companies in a notepad

kwladyka 2019-05-28T04:02:26.058Z

@emccue Not sure what you mean. I have legal registered company in Poland and I can make invoices.

emccue 2019-05-28T04:02:48.058200Z

yeah honestly i don't know either

emccue 2019-05-28T04:02:55.058400Z

im just tired and vamping

kwladyka 2019-05-28T04:03:30.058600Z

I mean I don’t understand your suggestion at all πŸ™‚

emccue 2019-05-28T04:03:46.058800Z

I watched 7 hours of TV today

emccue 2019-05-28T04:03:52.059Z

so my brain is putty

kwladyka 2019-05-28T04:03:56.059200Z

lol πŸ˜‰

kwladyka 2019-05-28T04:04:12.059400Z

it is 6:00 morning for me πŸ™‚

emccue 2019-05-28T04:04:55.059700Z

I read the conversation as implying that if you were doing B2B from a different country you could swing the contracting thing easier

emccue 2019-05-28T04:05:05.059900Z

and my brain went "I am in another country"