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kwladyka 2019-06-09T16:58:55.025Z

What is the best place for a job looking for startups Clojure / ClojureScript?

seancorfield 2019-06-09T19:33:14.025800Z

@kwladyka Do you mean, where is the best geographic region in which to find startups that are hiring Clojure/Script devs?

seancorfield 2019-06-09T19:34:03.026700Z

I have no idea what the European startup space is like these days, so I could only point you at a few US "hotspots" of startup activity...

martinklepsch 2019-06-09T19:55:03.027700Z

There are a few places in Berlin. Pitch, NextJournal, Fy, Merantix and probably more that I can't remember right now

seancorfield 2019-06-09T20:18:36.029300Z

England seems to have an unusually high amount of Clojure, but I don't know how many companies there would be considered startups?

kwladyka 2019-06-09T20:46:09.029700Z

Oh I didn’t precise it. No I mean the best website.

kwladyka 2019-06-09T20:46:29.030Z

but hmm why not go to Berlin and meat people

kwladyka 2019-06-09T20:47:06.030700Z

@martinklepsch if you know good places in Berlin maybe I will come, it is not too far

kwladyka 2019-06-09T20:48:57.031600Z

But I mean meetings in Berlin, not companies 😉

kwladyka 2019-06-09T20:49:21.031900Z

As I understand you listened companies

kwladyka 2019-06-09T20:49:32.032200Z

Unless meeting are in they offices?

martinklepsch 2019-06-09T21:36:11.032600Z