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When can you start saying you use Clojure professionally? I have been using CLJS at work since January.


But I have been coding in Clojure since 4/5 years privately.

seancorfield 2019-09-18T04:31:01.030700Z

@neo2551 Be honest on your resume/CV -- potential employers may well follow-up on references to check what you claim, and should dig into your experience during the interview process.

seancorfield 2019-09-18T04:32:31.032Z

If you claim professional experience of N years, expect to be asked about how you used that tech on professional projects over that time frame -- the interview will not go well if that doesn't line up πŸ™‚

seancorfield 2019-09-18T04:37:49.034400Z

It's fine to note non-work experience in various tech on your resume/CV tho'... If you list GitHub projects, be aware that some hiring managers may look very critically at such code, on the grounds that this is something you think is good enough to share publicly, and may use "bad code" as a filter to exclude candidates πŸ™‚


Thanks good advice :)


I don’t want a potential employer to ask my actual employer if I am coding in CLjS though, I feel the atmosphere would be awkward afterwards

penryu 2019-09-19T17:31:44.040700Z

@neo2551 It's common in the US to ask applicants if it's okay to contact your current employer, specifically to avoid those awkward moments. But other than that, I'd be prepared for employers to follow up on anything you put down.


It is odd, because then your current employer would know you might quit the company.

penryu 2019-09-19T17:33:40.041900Z

I should clarify: many applications I've filled out have asked me if it's okay if they contact my current employer. So if I don't want my current employer to know I'm shopping, I just check "No."

penryu 2019-09-19T17:34:43.042100Z

Those checkboxes don't usually apply to previous employers (not current).

seancorfield 2019-09-18T05:16:22.037800Z

Then I guess you wouldn't want to give your current employer as a reference? πŸ™‚ Some companies don't follow-up on references but some do -- and some follow-up on every reference you give.

seancorfield 2019-09-18T05:17:44.039300Z

As someone working in the SF Bay Area, it can be hard to give references since folks change jobs a lot and it can be hard to provide up-to-date contact details... Last time I changed jobs, none of my references could be contacted easily... took weeks to track them down for follow-up!