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orestis 2020-04-07T10:35:47.033700Z

What non-clojure places should I post a job to ensure visibility to Clojure people who might not frequent Slack? I’ve posted on ClojureVerse, thinking of reddit. The Brave and True jobs is kind of empty so I’m not sure if it’s worth putting something there. Definitely don’t need a 90 day spot (we want to fill 1-2 roles relatively quickly).

orestis 2020-04-07T10:36:55.034300Z

I’m mostly targeting the European crowd, for what it’s worth.

dangercoder 2020-04-07T10:39:32.034600Z

Have you tried Linkedin?

emil0r 2020-04-07T10:46:18.034800Z



LinkedIn and StackOverflow

alexlynham 2020-04-07T11:28:03.035400Z

Reddit probably isn't a bad shout

orestis 2020-04-07T11:40:26.035900Z

Trying linked in for the first time. Quite a steep price.

orestis 2020-04-08T08:11:41.042600Z

And crap candidates. Also LinkedIn decides to do ML to apply Good / Bad Fit and just isn’t good enough. Closed the job.

Avichal 2020-04-07T12:53:12.036400Z

Maybe FunctionalWorks?

Avichal 2020-04-07T12:54:25.036700Z

And there is also this Twitter thread:

zbianca 2020-04-07T16:25:02.038500Z

Maybe I’m old school but I use the RSS Feeds from and

the2bears 2020-04-07T16:43:16.039100Z

Hacker News "Who's hiring" thread might be a good place.

pablore 2020-04-07T17:38:57.039900Z

Just got “devinculated” from my job :c

chrisulloa 2020-04-07T18:04:33.040100Z

What does that mean?

pablore 2020-04-07T18:13:53.040700Z

i got fired

pablore 2020-04-07T18:13:58.040900Z


chrisulloa 2020-04-07T18:15:12.041300Z

hope you land a new one quickly!