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Laura Gomez 2020-04-21T03:00:32.150400Z

Hi all! I am a Technical Recruiter turned Career Coach, offering 1:1 career coaching/calming sessions over phone and video. I'm waiving all coaching fees during the shelter in place, as so many people have had their work and lives impacted by all of this.  The 1:1 coaching services include resume reviews, general job search strategy, practice/mock interviews, and advice around navigating offer negotiations. At this time, I can only conduct phone calls with US-based clients. For more info about me: To set up an intro/info call, book at Any other inquiries, you can reach me at <|> Stay healthy, stay safe.

danielglauser 2020-04-21T23:00:43.151100Z

How do you like to evaluate folks for their tech chops Sean?

seancorfield 2020-04-21T23:03:52.151400Z

That comes out through the conversational interview based on the mind map I shared.

seancorfield 2020-04-21T23:04:25.151600Z

I don't do any specific "technical test" because I don't believe they work.

danielglauser 2020-04-21T23:04:31.151800Z

Thanks for sharing. I may not have scrolled up enough to see the mind map.

seancorfield 2020-04-21T23:04:45.152Z

It's pinned (right-hand sidebar)

seancorfield 2020-04-21T23:06:37.152200Z

I've always been strongly against "technical tests" in the interview process -- but they're part of most companies' interviews and those same companies bemoan the fact that their interview process doesn't seem to work...