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Maxim 2020-05-13T02:20:24.356400Z

Personally, I don’t have a good definition for this term. But maybe, just back-end + fron-end.

Tuomas 2020-05-13T05:23:54.357Z

I have to take a contrary stance. I think presenting yourself as fullstack means you can, and generally will, work with the whole stack. If you focus on one thing, let’s say the backend, then sure you will be a master at backend development, but I’d also argue that working with the frontend might (or might not) help you become an even greater master even if you spend way less time working with the backend. I think this is especially true in monoglot stacks. But I can see your point, especially with huge applications, where you don’t only need to acquire expertise in, let’s say backend development, but also in how this specific backend works.


I also think that many jobs do not require expert skills, just good enough to make the job, but also humble enough to know when to ask for help. What are Clojure developers then? Obviously, the language is a small part in one specialty, but we can probably be effective in 80% of the problems of most companies face, given the computing powers of our machines.


So how should we be described?

alexlynham 2020-05-13T08:18:30.366400Z

@seancorfield "jack of all trades, master of none, is better than master of one"

alexlynham 2020-05-13T08:18:37.366600Z


alexlynham 2020-05-13T08:18:45.366900Z

but yes I do understand your point

alexlynham 2020-05-13T08:19:24.367700Z

personally I call myself full stack and I've hired what I call full stack devs and I have a decent heuristic for it... I can't say it gets me that worked up

alexlynham 2020-05-13T08:19:54.368300Z

I think the reason a lot of devs get worked up by the term is possibly imposter syndrome, but that's just a hunch

dabrazhe 2020-05-13T08:25:28.370800Z

Hi all. I am looking for someone who can help me out with a re-frame/cljs front-end project, using AWS. It's a side project and not a paid job. I need the front-end to authenticate users, and allow plugging in the back-end part I'm setting up. The basic cljs setup (lein shadow-cljs) is available. PM me if you can help out! (If you know another place where can post this request, please let me know. I tried the side-project channel but there are 12 people so reposting it here).


‘full stack’ is an expression that has a meaning dictated by usage, it doesn’t mean full stack


similarly Continuous Integration in a lot of contexts doesn’t actually mean continuous integration and Agile doesn’t mean being agile

alexlynham 2020-05-13T09:44:49.373900Z

also true haha

Jag Gunawardana 2020-05-13T12:24:34.377500Z

Hi, is anyone based in Ireland who’d be able to spend a month on a piece of work? Using Clojurescript (re-frame) for front end and Clojure for backend. Would be ok with remote, but ideally based in same country. Thanks Jag

b-ryan 2020-05-13T15:49:15.378100Z

I have discussed this same question with people. My current definition is someone who can write APIs in the backend and implement UIs in the frontend. Their ability in the frontend may stop around the CSS and a frontend dev might be better there. In the backend, I wouldn't expect full stack to be as solid on data processing / pipelines or the devops sides of things.