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alexlynham 2020-05-29T07:16:10.411700Z

Yep, what @seancorfield said. I should have been clear that I'm contracting. But I meant that the project is a nice isolated chunk of work that could be done agency style by a team, the issue would be that a lot of these orgs want to own the code and the IP/maintain it themselves which is why they bring it in house.

Johannes F. Knauf 2020-05-29T07:25:42.411800Z

We are sometimes doing contract work here in Germany (mostly non-Clojure, unfortunately). IP and code ownership is normally not a problem. It is quite common to agree on a model that fits both sides (perhaps at the expense of higher prices, e.g. for exclusivity). The typical model in such contracts is to grant unlimited, non-exclusive rights to the customer. The contractor then retains authorship and unlimited rights. However, practice shows that custom development results are hard to reuse at scale.

alexlynham 2020-05-29T08:25:47.412100Z

that's interesting. I guess it depends on the size of the org. current org I'm working into is 72k employees so they want all the cake 😂

Johannes F. Knauf 2020-05-29T10:21:11.412400Z

Well, then they probably pay for it in hard currency, don't they?

Johannes F. Knauf 2020-05-29T10:22:30.412600Z

Actually, from my experience size is not the dominating factor. It's rather corporate culture and general IT maturity.

Johannes F. Knauf 2020-05-29T10:23:27.412800Z

Over-generalizing a bit: E.g. companies from the financial industry tend to exercise more secrecy, public sector orgs tend to be more open-minded.

alexlynham 2020-05-29T11:35:19.413Z

yeah true, I've worked for agencies facing into govt/civil service before and that was more typical project based work


To be honest I’m interested in general =)… Even part time stuff could be doable, I just have to make sure I’m not signing IP on everything I do…

seancorfield 2020-05-29T15:12:24.413600Z

I think the contracting "culture" is different in every country as well, affected by local employment, tax, and IP laws. The US has been very different for me doing contract work here vs the UK, for example.

seancorfield 2020-05-29T15:14:00.413800Z

I was full-time contracting in the UK for about five years in the '90s and I've done about the same in the US at the end of the '00s. Of course, some of those differences may also be due to the passage of time (a decade is a long time in IT!).


Completely agree with that =)…