Job hunting, interview process and anything related to the experience of a job writing the Clojure language.
p-himik 2020-08-14T06:40:01.151400Z

It's a good thing and a potential venue for new clients. I've received a few offers for paid consulting work because of my open-source work (again, mainly consulting, but with some code contributions as well). But of course I wouldn't bet on it. I just like to do it. And none of the offers resulted in anything in my particular case.

danieroux 2020-08-14T09:06:48.151600Z

Once interviewed an obvious pothead. He listed "irrigation systems" as one of his skills. For a dev position.

Aron 2020-08-14T09:15:12.151800Z

Depending on the job, it might be relevant. Surprisingly complex, those irrigation systems. XD

scknkkrer 2020-08-14T09:31:41.152Z

I’m not contributing for an expectation. I’ve build a company from scratch, with these communities knowledge that they are sharing with no expectations. I love Computer Science. Especially, the Science part of this big picture. I would love to work without any exchange for my life. But I need to earn money too… Sorry for my bad English, my practice is not enough to keep it fluent.

p-himik 2020-08-14T09:34:12.152300Z

Your English is just fine, don't worry about it.