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Has anyone had success with being a contract clojure developer? Or are you better off doing something with python, c#, Js etc?

michael_teter 2020-08-29T13:20:55.079900Z

I just watched a clojure talk on youtube from 2019 where the guy leading a 150-person clojure shop said that Clojurescript devs are unicorns. That's not entirely surprising given that front-end work tends to be more chaotic (many more moving parts, frameworks, dependencies, etc.).

michael_teter 2020-08-29T13:21:20.080100Z

So, if I were hoping to be a freelance Clojure dev, I would probably focus on Clojurescript+React.

p-himik 2020-08-29T13:34:20.080300Z

Some time ago I made a conclusion that focusing on something just because there's a bigger chance of getting a higher compensation for your work is not a great approach. That is, assuming that you can be focusing just as much, if not more, on something that you enjoy doing. But of course YMMV.

the2bears 2020-08-30T00:31:58.080600Z

My current role started as a contract, which was then converted to fulltime.

p-himik 2020-08-28T18:06:03.078900Z

Yep, I currently have 3 Clojure[Script] projects.

p-himik 2020-08-28T18:06:49.079100Z

Although in each case I was able to just select my preferred stack without any limitations. Clojure was not required in the first place.


Gotcha, did you drum up work locally or through a website

p-himik 2020-08-28T18:17:10.079500Z

One client did indeed meet me through a third-party company's website. But we work directly now (perfectly in accordance with that company's contracts, no worries). To another client I came directly and said that I wanted to work with them. The third client just came through the word of mouth.

p-himik 2020-08-28T18:18:14.079700Z

And none of the clients are anywhere close to me geographically. They are in USA, the Netherlands, and Russia. And I'm in Cyprus currently.