Job hunting, interview process and anything related to the experience of a job writing the Clojure language.
thom 2020-10-04T22:26:37.005300Z

Hey all, hope this isn't off topic! Would anyone be willing to share where they've previously gone looking for Clojure jobs? Any particular job boards, other sites or discussion groups?

dpsutton 2020-10-04T23:25:24.006100Z

my last two jobs have been in clojure and have been found through the hacker news monthly job posting. i think there's also been some reddit threads that have had some openings as well

seancorfield 2020-10-04T23:30:45.008200Z

Definitely on topic for this channel @thom704! I can't say much about where I've looked for Clojure jobs since I introduced it at work a decade ago and I'm still here, but I can say that when we were hiring we had good luck with the jobs board on so that's a good place to look. Also the #jobs and #remote-jobs channels here. Functional Works is probably a good place to look too: