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marciol 2020-11-07T13:54:16.056800Z

Hi all, I'm thinking how difficult is to get part time Clojure job?

orestis 2020-11-07T19:41:15.061600Z

There’s two kinds of part-time in my head: a) I don’t want to work 40 hours a week, because I want to dedicate more time to family/hobbies/nature etc b) I want to work a second job or work on my own projects as well The first part is welcome (at least when I was last hiring), but the second part is tricky because it’s not only hours of work but also energy (in my experience) and working two jobs can quickly drain you. That’s my current thinking, I’m curious to hear other opinions.

seancorfield 2020-11-07T19:53:36.064300Z

The only time I've been able to work in IT "part time" is when I have been a consultant, picking and choosing both my hours and my projects. I chose, generally, to work 3-4 days a week (equivalent in hours) and just made sure not to take on more work than I could handle in that 24-32 hours per week. Even then, many clients tended to want me "full time" for some period of time so maintaining a steady amount of work, without peaks and troughs, could be challenging.

seancorfield 2020-11-07T19:54:25.065300Z

@marciol Can you clarify what sort of "part time" you mean, and provide some background about yourself/your situation and your Clojure experience so far? That would probably help us provide more definitive advice.