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On contrary I care and has been working 100% remotely already for 5 years or so and cannot imagine working in an office anymore. During this time for 2 companies from US of which one was b2b and one employee position. In case of employment the company hired a proxy company in Poland to handle all the quirks of local low. In case of b2b I just signed electronic agreement and saw money beweekly on my Payoneer account, no more formalities. What counted every time were the results, but I think there is still mental model in majority of companies which afraid of remote work, that if the employee sits in the office then is somehow monitored better than when left alone. Still probably there is some truth in it as remote work is not for everyone..but this is a different topic. I think the reason why many US remote work is closed in US is that from time to time people tend to meet in one place to integrate, see face to face and make relationships better. This is a problem when employees are spread around the world (mostly the cost is the reason). I know also a few companies in Poland which only hire in PL for the same reason. I've never thought of it as a myth that working with people from foreign countries is problematic, but I'm happy to hear other opinions.

Jakub Holý 2020-11-28T21:05:54.121700Z

Hi folks! Any experiences with offering services via or a similar platform? Thanks!