Job hunting, interview process and anything related to the experience of a job writing the Clojure language.
slipset 2020-12-17T06:37:58.463700Z

@darrell for good or bad, we use coding tests at Ardoq, but we do homework style, and we go through the solutions during the interviews. Some candidates send us improved solutions after the interview. To me that’s a big bonus. I think that goes for the “over the shoulder” test you had as well (which we also do from time to time), if a candidate would do not so good, but follow up with better solutions by mail, that would only be positive. In fact, I’ve done exactly that on two occasions, one where I was given “the bowling kata”, and the other where I was given Conways game of life. got the job both times, but correlation vs causation.

jiriknesl 2020-12-17T12:08:20.464500Z

“Finally, if you want to pay them a competitive rate then you have all kinds of market data available” where can I get these data for Clojure?

Aron 2020-12-17T13:06:41.464700Z

I don't want a competitive rate. I want a cooperative rate. Sorry, but this shouldn't be a race of any kind.

eggsyntax 2020-12-17T15:46:20.465400Z

I tend to have a really hard time with that as well. FWIW, my strategy is to tell them up front that interviews make me nervous and they're not likely to see my best work. I've consistently gotten a response of "Oh god, I know, right? We'll take that into account." I don't mind being tested because I'd be hesitant to work for a company that didn't do something to confirm that they're hiring competent devs.

ccann 2020-12-17T17:06:13.466100Z

You’re asking the wrong question. It’s not about the language it’s about the role. You don’t need market data for “Clojure developers” you need it for the role in question, and if you’re hiring a “Clojure developer” I would question why you’re calling it that, but at some point debating titles is moot

jiriknesl 2020-12-17T22:15:41.467200Z

Maybe you are right and I should stop asking that question even when I don’t use it to disciminate anyone because of that. At the same time, I must admit, it is convenient to learn what is common. I feel it helps people at the company because we know how much we should raise every year and we don’t discriminate against anyone who refuses to answer this question.