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Jivago Alves 2021-02-28T10:52:02.079100Z

At the company I work for, we ask for take-home task. It's as simple as a fizzbuzz. I think there is flexibility enough to not deliver it if the candidate does not have their own equipment but that's a really good point we are probably missing. I'll provide this feedback. Before covid, we would provide equipment with their preferred tooling in the office. With covid, they eventually need to have equipment for the remote interview. Although we mention the solution should be simple and there's no need to throw all the unnecessary patterns or technologies you know, some candidates still write unnecessary abstractions or layers that make the code complex. If they send something reasonable, then we'll do a pairing interview using the same exercise that they already have context to add features on top of it. It simulates how we work in a typical day in our team. They can use whatever editor or language they feel most comfortable with. We care about how they think, communicate, react to feedback and design the code and tests. I like having the same problem across the interviews because they are already familiarized with it. And the problem is not a tricky algorithm. It's just meant to fill time so that we have enough for a conversation. The goal is not to finish the exercise but to develop something with quality and collaboratively.