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Jimmy Grice 2021-03-05T02:06:39.092800Z

Hi, anyone in Australia keen on a new Clojure role? I am really keen to understand what the Australian connections are in this group or if anyone knows anyone too šŸ™‚

lsenjov 2021-03-05T11:37:48.093600Z

#clojure-australia is here for you

Jimmy Grice 2021-03-06T00:37:33.094700Z

Thanks @lsenjov :)

West 2021-03-05T08:24:03.093400Z

Oh also, the reason Iā€™m building a portfolio is precisely because Iā€™m not college educated, nor do I intend to be.

lsenjov 2021-03-05T11:37:48.093600Z

#clojure-australia is here for you


@p-himik is that generally a useful thing? I've used it a lot myself, but I can't think why a web version would be useful? I mean beyond this one on the stanford parser site? Not to suggest that you shouldn't do it @c.westrom, it's a nice self contained project. I've done a bunch of stuff in this space, so feel free to PM me questions šŸ˜ƒ... I'll help if I can! I'm just really curious what @p-himik is seeing that I'm missing šŸ˜ƒ...

p-himik 2021-03-05T15:30:53.094100Z

As I said, it is potentially useful. At the very least, the already existing version could be extended beyond what it is now - from the top of my head I can think of navigable results, syntax highlighting, embedded documentation.