Job hunting, interview process and anything related to the experience of a job writing the Clojure language.
nonrecursive 2021-03-28T21:16:13.010200Z

Hey y’all, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’ve been working on a job board that I want to be as useful as a job board possibly can be for the Clojure community. Would anyone be interested in beta testing it? Any feedback would be helpful, both from folks looking for jobs and people wanting to post job listings. Or from people who just like to click around and give feedback πŸ™‚

Dimitar Uzunov 2021-03-29T08:03:23.012200Z

Hi! I will be happy to give feedback and beta test it

joelkuiper 2021-03-29T11:02:52.012500Z

Seems like a great initiative, I'd be happy to take a look and give some feedback (if any πŸ™‚ )

nonrecursive 2021-03-29T13:37:17.012700Z

woohoo, thanks! I'll share a link with y'all separately.

anwood 2021-03-29T18:36:51.012900Z

Happy to test it out with a job posting as well.

souenzzo 2021-03-29T20:23:25.013100Z

souenzzo 2021-03-29T20:23:51.013400Z


Renato Alencar 2021-03-29T20:32:17.014Z

Sure, I would be glad to help.

Renato Alencar 2021-03-29T20:33:20.014200Z

I already maintain a job listing, and the positions are available in EDN. Feel free to use haha

nonrecursive 2021-03-30T02:53:20.014500Z

this is awesome, thank you!

robertfw 2021-03-30T16:51:53.015500Z

I'd be happy to take a look

Siddharth Jain 2021-03-31T07:15:00.016300Z

me too

jeffmad 2021-04-01T23:32:14.017900Z

I’d like to participate

adamtait 2021-04-06T02:10:20.019500Z

Happy to offer feedback :)

nonrecursive 2021-04-07T00:26:52.021200Z

thank you thank you πŸ™‚ hoping to get a couple more updates out and will share

walterl 2021-03-28T21:23:34.010300Z

Not actively looking, but I'll gladly peruse and report anything I see πŸ™‚

dpsutton 2021-03-28T21:45:06.011200Z

We might want to beta test it with a job posting though