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seancorfield 2021-05-26T00:05:51.032900Z

@yekrats I’m happy to review resumes/cover letters, if you want (I’ve been a hiring manager for about 25 years).

marciol 2021-05-26T17:10:31.038100Z

Hi, I wondered why several companies hiring specifically in the USA and some EU countries only allow candidates who have permission to work in those places. A friend of mine work as a contractor through a consultancy to a company that recently published opened positions here, but they stated on the job announcement that they accept only people with permission to work in the USA. So my friend is allowed to work with them, but not directly. Anyone knows why?

dpsutton 2021-05-26T17:11:57.038400Z

at a previous job it was due to tax reasons

dpsutton 2021-05-26T17:12:07.038600Z

i don't know the specifics though

marciol 2021-05-26T17:23:38.040500Z

Yes, it's what I heard as well. I can theorize about how easier is to manage contractors from a few suppliers, without a system to control how and when to pay them, but it's just a hypothesis

seancorfield 2021-05-26T17:23:40.040700Z

@marciol There’s a pinned item in this channel that links to a long explanation on HN about this:

seancorfield 2021-05-26T17:24:00.041200Z

(posted by @dpsutton two years ago!)

marciol 2021-05-26T17:24:10.041500Z

Nice @seancorfield, thank you.

marciol 2021-05-26T17:24:58.042800Z

Wow, @seancorfield is a live index, isn't it? 😄

seancorfield 2021-05-26T17:25:45.043500Z

Even hiring across state lines can be tricky sometimes, and for small companies, there are all sorts of complications around “small group insurance” that can make it difficult to offer comparable health benefits across multiple states 😞

Darrell 2021-05-26T17:35:11.045600Z

I’m in Colorado and we just passed a law that says companies must provide a salary range in job postings. Some companies hiring for remote jobs have started explicitly saying no Colorado remote applicants need apply because they don’t want to give away the salary range. DigitalOcean was one of them but they caught so much flack for it that they reversed that policy.


fwiw, a few financial institutions in London started limiting how much you can work outside of the UK... not even living in some other country, but even working for a few days from abroad. I am not from the UK, and in the past I've worked from my home country for weeks, no problem. But now there are limitations like "you can work at most for 10 days per year from another country, and you need to pay taxes for that work in that country, and you must be legally allowed to work in that country" which is quite the extreme opposite!

dpsutton 2021-05-26T17:46:43.049Z

is that a consequence of leaving the EU?


I think it's because of reputational risk, involving dodgy tax dealings. It seems like it was triggered by the pandemic, because all of a sudden everyone was remote, and it made sense to move somewhere else, cheaper, or with better weather, more space, or a government that dealt better with the pandemic?

orestis 2021-05-26T18:12:18.050600Z

I was wondering about information assymetry when hiring. Our applicants send us CVs, cover letters, get grilled on their past etc. But they get a 1h call or two with their potential future colleagues. Would it be weird to ask/offer the CVs of the team members to applicants?

orestis 2021-05-26T18:12:49.051100Z

There's some personal data involved of course so everyone has to consent for this, but it just occurred to me as a concept.

seancorfield 2021-05-26T18:17:33.053200Z

@orestis That’s quite an interesting idea… Given how much CVs vary from person to person, I’d think you’d need to have them “normalized” by HR into a standard “company format” though for the candidate to be able to read them on a level playing field… I’ve been at consulting companies occasionally where pretty much all the staff have standardized format CVs (because they’re often used in pitches to potential consulting clients).

orestis 2021-05-26T18:21:31.054300Z

That's true, CVs can be quite all over the map, and of course -- they usually don't cover anything that you've done since you joined your last company (well, until you've started looking around).

orestis 2021-05-26T18:22:38.055400Z

But I think I have some ideas for when the team finally meets in the same place, we could share some interesting stuff about our past that might or might not come up during day-to-day interactions. I find those tidbits fascinating to talk about when interviewing (and I'm keen to share my own too!)

marciol 2021-05-26T18:30:10.057100Z

@orestis it's interesting but I do it as an informal way to know more about the company I want to apply to, just visiting the Linkedin company page and navigating to the profile pages of people who are currently working there.