Job hunting, interview process and anything related to the experience of a job writing the Clojure language.
danielglauser 2021-06-15T02:58:35.084900Z

Last year I hired three great Clojure devs who all did great work on the team. One was new to Clojure and was learning it on his own, the rest had more experience. I’m at a new place now and will soon be looking for more devs, I hope we’re able to find some good people.

Aron 2021-06-15T04:15:56.085100Z

So far I had a single interview with a company using clojure/script and I kinda felt I was excluded even before the interview, I am guessing because +15 years experience is not enough if only year is cljs and that's alone. But of course I will never get any more experience if all I get offered is junior positions.


Hi. I’m wondering how’s the job market for Clojure is like in Australia.


Working for US company now, but I applied for at least 3 Clojure jobs in Australia last year. So they exist. This was one of them:, another was a little solar panel startup, and a fintech company in Melbourne,, no careers listed now, but I think they use Clojure.

lsenjov 2021-06-15T22:28:59.091200Z

We’ve just finished a hiring round for clj devs in Brisbane at Cubiko (need to take down the engineer/sysadmin roles). Also #clojure-australia exists and we’ve been attempting to keep it somewhat active 🙂


Thank you all.