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West 2021-06-28T14:04:44.146800Z

Hey on functional works, I get the option to send a cover letter. What if I don’t have one ready when I click instant apply? Is there another way to submit one after the fact? Looking at this one.

nate sire 2021-06-28T22:26:54.148100Z

Guaranteed Rate is looking for some junior Clojure devs but who have experience in other langs... I am not going to interview because I refuse to do any sort of live coding... but if you are ok with that... let me know... and I think they are really looking for h1bs if possible.

nate sire 2021-06-28T22:27:18.148500Z

Just DM me and I will forward qualified engineers

nate sire 2021-06-28T22:27:35.148800Z

They are also interested in ClojureScript