Has anyone used mssql server with luminus?

yogthos 2018-09-28T12:10:52.000100Z

Yup, I've used the open source jdbc drivers before without problems

jssmk 2018-09-26T11:34:22.000100Z

Hi! I keep getting "migration reserved by another instance" all the time. I cannot migrate, reset or rollback. I made one migration file that had an error, which I believe is now fixed, but now it prevents me from doing migrations anymore.

jssmk 2018-09-26T11:57:09.000100Z

Okay, I first needed to alter the fixed migrations file names to something else than *.sql to get past this. Then rename them to sql again.

jssmk 2018-09-26T11:58:35.000100Z

Migratus says it ignored the file, but that was not the case it seems.