jcb 2018-10-13T16:08:05.000100Z

Some rather interesting results implementing this. Got it all up and running rather easily thanks to your links. However I need to dig into exactly how cookies/history is working in the default luminus config, as certain types of files are being cached.

jcb 2018-10-13T16:09:27.000100Z

for instance - changing an image file/editing json or css will come through fine with a refresh

jcb 2018-10-13T16:10:41.000100Z

however some text files persist after changes or even deletion unless I delete the cookie

jcb 2018-10-13T16:11:10.000100Z

everything works fine in a Chrome incognito window

jcb 2018-10-13T16:12:14.000100Z