Dormo 2018-10-26T04:14:02.000200Z

@credulous did you make any progress?


@vheuken Thanks for asking. Some progress - the issues with running the repl were because I had a .lein file in my root directory that was specifying an old version of cider-nrepl.


No joy fixing the mysql problem though. It works with h2, so I’m going with that for the moment although I’m a bit sad about my database choice being driven by my ability (or lack of ability) to use my tools.

Dormo 2018-10-26T16:46:11.003500Z

That's unfortunate. Have you opened an issue on Github?

Dormo 2018-10-26T16:46:32.003700Z

Looks like someone else is having issues with migrations and nrepl


Thanks… I didn’t open an issue, I’ll see if I can get a solid simple repro and do that