Just about to start a luminous project and in production we’ll probably use heroku postgres. Should I use postgres in development as well or is H2 recommended?


yes, you should! otherwise you might have weird issues in production that you can't reproduce locally from choosing different dbs

llsouder 2018-11-10T02:05:23.020500Z

@jayzawrotny H2 is not supported on heroku.


Fair point @rymndhng. I’m aware of that @llsouder sorry if I didn’t communicate what I was asking more clearly.

llsouder 2018-11-10T13:47:20.023800Z

The sql for H2 and postgres are slightly different. I did the H2 thing then had to "fix" my sql to work with postgres.

llsouder 2018-11-10T13:49:51.024300Z

Specifically the if exists


Ooh I didn’t think about that. Makes sense! Thanks.