vinurs 2019-04-10T15:51:41.024400Z

is there any post about mount start order?

vinurs 2019-04-10T15:53:58.025300Z

i read this, but it seems doesn’t explain clearly

lepistane 2019-04-10T16:29:01.025500Z

clojure compiler does most of the magic

vinurs 2019-04-10T23:39:04.026Z

how can i control the order?

lepistane 2019-04-11T09:42:23.000100Z

during app startup i specify the order but usually my mount states are separate so i don't have to think about that if you are looking for more control use component framework but i dont like it

vinurs 2019-04-11T10:30:40.000300Z

in my case, i want to connect db first, then update something from db in interval seconds

lepistane 2019-04-11T10:32:46.000500Z

create two states and (start db) (start interval) i had something similar and never had an issue

macrobartfast 2019-04-10T23:54:47.027500Z

I just generated a new luminus project with a swagger backend after being away for a while and it looks... different... the endpoints look like

    {:get (constantly (ok {:message "pong"}))}]
is there documentation for the changes?

macrobartfast 2019-04-10T23:55:08.027900Z

I used to have GET as a function, not :get, for example.

macrobartfast 2019-04-10T23:55:46.028500Z

my main issue right now is getting my response as json as opposed to an octet stream for download.

macrobartfast 2019-04-10T23:55:55.028800Z

but I think the docs refer to the old version.

macrobartfast 2019-04-10T23:56:56.029400Z

my endpoint looks like:

 {:get (constantly (ok (json/write-str (slurp "resources/public/data.json"))))}]
and it's returning as an octet stream download in the response.

macrobartfast 2019-04-10T23:57:04.029600Z

any thoughts?