macrobartfast 2019-04-12T14:22:01.001800Z

I'm building a front-end in straight up react (no cljs for me right now) and that builds a bundle... I'm putting my 'lein new luminus myapp +reitit +swagger +service' onto heroku, and it would be handy to just serve the site from there and have it hit the endpoints from there... I'm not sure the best approach for a good development experience. Instead of figuring out the root routing since I used +service I copied everything from the build folder of the react project that was created via 'npm build' into resources/public and renamed index.html to thesite.html and was able to launch it via <host>:thesite.html as a test and it worked. However, that sounds like a hack and also isn't going to launch the site from the root of the host. Should I have foregone the +service, or is serving a static site from a +service ok... or what should I be doing here?