I'm working through the 'web development with clojure 2nd' book. After creating a guestbook table, saving a message and retrieving the saved message, the book expects the output to be ({:timestamp #inst ​"2015-01-18T16:22:10.010000000-00:00"​​ :message ​"Hello, World"​​ :name ​"Bob"​​ :id 1}) . However, in my case it doesn't return an #inst, but a #object[java.time.LocalDateTime 0x3a43c190 "2019-04-18T13:07:36.662"]. So somewhere in the stack, the (java.util.Date.) that I stored in the H2 database, has become a java.time.LocalDateTime object. What is the best way to get back the #inst I've saved?