3Jane 2019-07-21T10:05:54.001500Z

Hey guys, what do you use for generating images for summary cards?

3Jane 2019-07-21T10:07:01.002800Z

I was looking at someone else's blog generated with Jekyll, which uses this plugin to generate clean title-based images and was wondering if there exists a similar library in Clojure (I use Cryogen)

3Jane 2019-07-21T10:09:06.004800Z

(I know, it's possible to hack it together myself; I like ready-made components, themes etc because they let me avoid falling into the hole of "I'll try one more font" and "but what if we changed the colours thusly" 😉 )


Hi guys. How is java 8 date handling in json (with postgres backend) supposed to work in default template? It seems reitit/muuntaja/spec-tools only supports inst? instances by default (including Instant but not LocalDateTime) and postgres support expects LocalDateTime fields. What is the simplest way to make this work?

ikitommi 2019-07-21T19:36:25.013800Z

@nbdam muuntaja supports java.time out-of-the-box, but spec is not a type system, so inst? predicate allows any kind of date. I think a good solution would be to introduce stricter specs that would allow only java.time classes and coerce into those (instead of java dates).

ikitommi 2019-07-21T19:38:03.016400Z

could be a new ns in spec-tools for example, with instant?, date-time? etc. specs with encoders, decoders & json schema mappings.


I am not trying to limit which kinds of date work. My problem is that it seems LocalDateTime is not correctly serialized to/from JSON and it is used by default for postgres timestamp type... What would be the simplest way to support LDT and be able to use reitit with spec and swagger?


That would be great. I asked about making coder few days ago on #reitit. Encoding to json worked fine for me but decoding didnt..