yogthos 2020-01-22T04:14:47.008100Z

it's a legacy flag now, it used to be possible to switch between compojure and reitit, but I've deprecated compojure at this point since there's really no advantage in using it over reitit anymore

yogthos 2020-01-22T04:16:27.008800Z

we're using this lib I wrote a while back on my team

yogthos 2020-01-22T04:17:48.009900Z

one caveat is that nashorn is going away, so it won't work with newer versions of the jvm

yogthos 2020-01-22T04:20:29.010300Z

I should take a look if it's possible to switch to using ringojs instead

yogthos 2020-01-22T04:32:48.010700Z

actually this looks more promising

yogthos 2020-01-22T04:48:19.011900Z

actually looks like there is a standalone nashorn on clojars, I added [org.bodil.openjdk/nashorn ""] and it's working for me with jdk 12/clj 1.10.1

yogthos 2020-01-22T04:49:14.012900Z

@lady3janepl I pushed out [lein-sass "0.1.10"] , let me know if it works for you