skroth 2020-02-06T01:12:41.047100Z

using the re-frame profile, what is this code used for in core.cljs ?

(def pages
  {:home #'home-page
   :about #'about-page})
isn't that relation made in the router a few lines down?
(def router
    [["/" {:name        :home
           :view        #'home-page
           :controllers [{:start (fn [_] (rf/dispatch [:page/init-home]))}]}]
     ["/about" {:name :about
                :view #'about-page}]]))
i deleted it from my project and it seems to work fine. is it meant to be used for something, or is it unused/extra code?

heyarne 2020-02-06T16:55:14.047900Z

Are multi-statement migrations supported in regular migrations?

heyarne 2020-02-06T16:56:06.048600Z

I created a dump from within mariadb and would like to use that as a seeding migration

heyarne 2020-02-06T16:56:43.049400Z

I can re-import it with the bare mysql / mariadb command but I'm getting errors when trying to do that via (migrate) .

heyarne 2020-02-06T17:12:47.050Z

Ooooooh I need to split the different statements with --;. Is this mentioned somewhere?

ikitommi 2020-02-06T18:17:23.050800Z

@slack1490 looks like extra code, which is not needed