v3ga 2020-03-07T03:05:09.018100Z

@jmckitrick passwords. Just good practice

d0c0nnor 2020-03-07T14:43:17.022100Z

Hi, please forgive the n00b question, but I just created a new luminus app: lein new luminus hello-luminus and then ran cider-jack-in and (start) from the repl. When I edit the home page handler like so:

(defn home-page [request]
  {:status 200 :body "hello world"}
  ;; (layout/render request "home.html" {:docs (-> "docs/" io/resource slurp)}))
And then run cider-ns-refresh I would expect that when I go to http://localhost:3000 I should see "hello world" but the previous handler still appears to be in effect. Is there something I'm missing ?


@d0c0nnor Hi, cider-ns-refresh is not necessary, just save the file and Luminus (more particularly ring.middleware.reload locate in dev_middleware file will handle the code reloading for you. Maybe try with the headers in your response map {:status 200 :headers {"Content-Type" "text/html"} :body "Hello boy!"}

d0c0nnor 2020-03-07T20:36:41.025900Z

Hi there, thanks for your response. The issue isn't related to the lack of headers - when I add the headers I still have the problem of the handler not being reloaded. It might be something related to my local environment - I don't really have time to dig into it, just wanted to check that it wasn't expected behaviour.