olleromo 2020-04-22T17:06:17.038300Z

I'm having difficulties getting shadow-cljs to work with cider-jack-in. Anyone know if that's the way to go, or should I try some other way? Cider-jack-in-cljs gives me "Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at shadow.cljs.devtools.server.runtime/get-instance! (runtime.clj:11). missing instance" I should add this is the first time I'm trying shadow-cljs

sylvain 2020-04-26T14:20:34.040Z

Works for me but I have to run "lein shadow watch app" once first.

sylvain 2020-04-26T14:22:13.040200Z

also when prompted to choose between "lein" and shadow-cljs by emacs you need to choose shadow-cljs even if your project uses lein

jtth 2020-04-22T20:26:49.039500Z

How do I run the app against a request? Reitit has examples like (app {:request-method :get :uri "/logout"}) But I’m not sure how to do this when it’s situated as a mount component. Any pointers? (I’m trying to debug why I can’t see flash messages.)