tobias 2021-05-29T00:03:22.004700Z

Sounds like you've already given up, but if you want to still give it a try then tell me the specific error your encountering and maybe I can help. I've deployed Luminus apps to WAR on Tomcat and Wildfly in the past and it worked OK.

bastilla 2021-05-29T11:09:54.004900Z

Hey @jtlocsei Many thanks for chiming in and offering a hand here. Actually very much appreciated since I have not totally given up, (still postponed porting all code to Fulcron). I'll pack a sample (Luminus) project - the most basic one possible - and put it on githup. This should minimize your time investment - so you could check the issue within like 2 minutes. Alas today (saturday) my government girlfriend commands me to repair her bicyle first. But I'll get to that asap. I already thank you for posting. It helped lifting my spirit! CU soon...