gjnoonan 2015-05-25T20:24:34.000005Z

Controversial question here, what is your favourite Lisp outside of :clj: and why

tjg 2015-05-25T21:18:23.000009Z

Maybe Common Lisp, because I know it well, it has good ideas, and it seemed to give me a better base to understand other procedural languages than Scheme. LispWorks was really nice to make GUIs. Liberating feeling. I'm sure there's cooler Lisps, like 3-Lisp (which has an infinite tower of interpreters), Paralation Lisp, and Connection Machine Lisp... but I don't know them. :simple_smile: Never used a Lisp Machine.

nek 2015-05-25T21:24:56.000010Z

My fave one is Racket. It’s Scheme but I hope it’s ok to bring it up too. It’s very accessible, comes with an IDE with great macros debugging tools. Also can build a binary with a click. I can’t compare it with others from the practical perspective but it’s the greatest PLT learning tool I’ve ever seen. http://cs.brown.edu/~sk/Publications/Books/ProgLangs/2007-04-26/

nek 2015-05-25T21:25:22.000011Z

Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation book examples are all in Racket.