practicalli (youtube)
murtaza52 2019-08-17T12:31:35.002500Z

hi, I was going over the spacemacs section - it lists 2 shortcuts which I cant find in spacemacs - , e ; and , e P - How do I activate these shortcuts ?

practicalli-john 2019-08-17T19:04:53.005Z

@murtaza52 I believe you are using Spacemacs master branch (I saw a comment in a different channel). master does not have the last year of updates to the Clojure layer in the develop branch.

practicalli-john 2019-08-17T19:06:36.007500Z

You can either change to the develop branch or add the missing keybings to your .spacemacs file in dotspacemacs/user-config (the functions should be available already)

practicalli-john 2019-08-17T19:10:12.008300Z

You can see all the changes added to develop here