practicalli (youtube)
murtaza52 2019-10-11T06:51:20.000400Z

@jr0cket the following link returns a 404 -

practicalli-john 2019-10-11T08:32:54.002500Z

Q I have move that section to make the guide flow better. Where did you see that link?

murtaza52 2019-10-13T17:37:37.007600Z

@jr0cket the link is on this page - I tried opening it in another tab, and it gave me 404 - Vim Quick Reference.

practicalli-john 2019-10-13T20:34:36.007800Z

Thanks for letting me know. I have just pushed a fix. Thanks again.

murtaza52 2019-10-14T07:42:48.008Z

You are welcome, and thanks for the excellent tutorials, they are very helpful !