practicalli (youtube)
practicalli-john 2020-01-31T19:25:00.003800Z

57th Clojure study group on Saturday 1st February, 11am UTC. Broadcast: This week we will walk through another CodeWars challenge, this time the seemingly complicated Maximum Subarrays sum kata. This is a level 5kyu (7 being easiest, 1 being hardest). In solving this challenge I have so far used predicate functions, those that return a boolean (true, false). I have also used a higher order function, a function that returns a function definition. The functions I have used along the way include: pos?, pos-int?, map, apply, and, reduce, every? identity every-pred Not all of them will be used in the final solution 🙂 We will look at the more interesting functions if we have time. Hopefully I will finish off the challenge before the broadcast, if not there will be some more live coding :) Code and tests will be shared in the GitHub repository at