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practicalli-john 2020-02-14T19:19:52.005800Z

Saturday Broadcast: This week we will walk through several more CodeWars challenges: * Playing on a chess board This is a level 6kyu which we tried to solve with brute force last time. It times out when running all the tests as there is at least one big board there. This time we will also use a mathematics technique to solve it, negating the need to generate all the combinations. * esreveR (Reverse) We have to write our own reverse function as the clojure.core/reverse function has been excluded. We can recap including namespaces and functions in Clojure. If we get time, we will solve the Simple Pig Latin challenge, it seems pretty simple to do in Clojure, just a bit of string manipulation, so not sure why its a 5kyu (famous last words). Code and tests will be shared in the GitHub repository at