practicalli (youtube)
practicalli-john 2020-03-06T11:50:18.031500Z

Hello all, I'm organising Saturday's broadcast today. Is there anything anyone would like me to cover or revisit? I havent had any time to work on projects this week, so by default I will walk through some more Exersism challenges. Thank you

practicalli-john 2020-03-06T16:34:57.032200Z

I have pushed all the challenges we have cover so far to the GitHub repository:

practicalli-john 2020-03-06T16:52:03.033700Z

I will work on a some of the following Exercism challenges for the broadcast on Saturday morning • Run Length Encoding • ISBN Verifier • Word Count • Anagram • Say • Beer Song • Hamming

practicalli-john 2020-03-06T21:48:45.034200Z

Saturday Broadcast